GSG & Affiliates provide services in the fields of Drilling, Oil-Wells Maintenance, Refining Operations, Maintenance and Engineering. Additionally, we have a powerful extensive experience in upstream and downstream Oil & Gas services gained through long association/relationship with the major exploration and production associates.

GSG will always strive to supply highly experienced and motivated personnel to the Oil and Gas Industry as on-site supervisors along with engineering and project management. GSG & Affiliates personnel will always be highly trained and experienced in various types of wells, operations and procedures.

We strive to keep only honest personnel with the highest ethics and character. GSG & Affiliates Personnel have a high regard to the safe and timely manner in which the work progresses, with the clients concerns and interest held in the highest regards.

Location : Al-Khobar City
Province : Eastern Province
Country : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel. # : +966 3 882 0860
Fax # : +966 3 882 9032
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